To help you in the planning an interpretive sign, we’ve assembled the information below so you define your project and get a cost estimate.

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    Dun and Bradstreet number, 04 687 8703
    Federal contractor number, TPIN 55453335


    Establish one sentence that best conveys the theme of your panel. If you had a few minutes to share with an old friend at the site, what would you share that is significant about this site? Answer the question, “So what?” to establish your sign’s theme.


  • costs

    If you are wondering what are the costs...

    Download the price guide. It is an interactive pdf that is an excellent way to budget signs. Choose the right size, thickness and quantity price, and compute the total, except for shipping. Most crates cost $150 to $200 for shipping.

  • Gathering reference materials

    Gather any references—photographs, maps, text, and/or technical document—that will help the designers understand the area and project.
    • Staff emails
    • Photographs of subject, area where sign will be, significant features
    • Maps
    • Reference materials, reports, clippings
    • Weblinks to relevant sites

  • The workflow

    As a designer and illustrator team, we prepare illustrations, maps and diagrams for publications and exhibits. We create designs and products in an effort to create engaging content for the public.

    Internally, we each focus on different parts of projects for an efficient and effective flow of work. Lawrence’s uses his skills and research to create illustrations, cartography and 3-D diagrams. I focus on planning and design in order to present visually accessible layouts. I serve as the project manager, including scheduling, organizational details, handling submittals and reviews, and creating production costs estimates. I do most of the design layout and typography work.

    Our work is made "professional-looking" as a result of a network of talent--writers, editors, programmers, printers, and photographers--that I have established working relationships with, each with their own area of expertise. Our success is a result of their generous and gifted talents.

    Carole Thickstun, cthickstun@aol.com


    Our Graphic Design Services are available to Arizona Game and Fish Department projects with contract AGFD14-066574

    Our Graphic Design Services are available to Arizona State agency projects with Statewide Marketing contract ADSPO12-036095. See work done for Arizona Historical Society.

    We are registered with SAM and can Bid on projects NAICS 541430, 339950, 541490, 541990, 711510, and 712110.

  • Call us!

    We will be glad to navigate you through any interpretive signage project. 520-616-6140.